Audi 80/Avant (B4)

since 1991-1995 release

Repair and operation of the car

Audi 80/Avant
+ Technical specification
+ Engines
+ System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ Cooling system
+ Fuel tank and fuel pump
+ Air filter and airintaking channels
+ System of injection
- Coupling
   Drive of management of coupling
   Coupling service life
   Coupling check
   Check of the hydraulic drive of coupling
   Coupling removal
   List of malfunctions
+ Transmission and transmission
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Brake system
+ Anti-blocking system of brakes
+ Wheels and tires
+ Body electrical system
+ System of ignition
+ Lighting
+ Signaling devices
+ Devices and auxiliary devices
+ Heating and ventilation
+ Body elements
+ Search of malfunctions
+ Specifications

Coupling removal

Over a pedal of coupling (3) the rubber cuff (1) of the main cylinder of the hydraulic drive of coupling and both fixing bolts is visible (2).

From special tools for performance of this work it will be required to you aligning дорн for the conducted disk. This дорн represents not that other as the end of a main shaft of the transmission.

For want of something better it is possible to align a clutch plate and another suitable even (a steel pin, a wooden finger, etc.).


  1. To remove the transmission.
  2. To weaken bolts with an internal polygon of 8 mm on a press disk. If the flywheel rotates together with a press disk, ask the assistant to insert the screw-driver into gear gearing on an outer edge and to prevent rotation of a disk, having rested the screw-driver against a nazhivlenny bolt of fastening of the transmission.
  3. To remove press a disk and the conducted disk.
  4. To estimate wear of a press disk: whether it is possible to find on the end of a dish-shaped spring wear tracks more deeply than 0,3 mm? Whether the ends of petals of a dish-shaped spring are unbent aside? Whether all rivets strong keep? Whether as it should be flat springs under a prileganiye ring? Whether is not present on the ring of cracks and grooves? Besides, towards the middle the ring should not be bent more, than on 0,3 mm (apply a metal ruler). Otherwise replace press a disk.
  5. To estimate wear of the conducted disk: whether it is enough still material of a covering or brass rivets act already threateningly far (mostly, at first from a press disk)? Audi does not specify any exact degree of wear so it is necessary to rely on own intuition.
  6. We recommend to replace clutch plates at the slightest suspicion. It for certain will save you from repeated removal of coupling in the near future. Further it is necessary to check spiral springs of a disk. If one of them is broken: to establish a new disk.
  7. To check the small needle bearing behind in the middle of a bent shaft and the release bearing for jamming.
  8. To grease internal gear gearing of the conducted disk with MoS2 paste or jellied V.A.G lubricant. D 000 100.
  9. To apply with a thin layer heat-resistant jellied lubricant on shponochny grooves and the small needle bearing.
  10. To establish a clutch plate (a spring towards a press disk) and press a disk, at the same time by means of a dorn to align a clutch plate on a flywheel (the central openings of both parts have to coincide in order that they at the subsequent installation of the transmission could be easily put on a transmission shaft).
  11. In several calling to tighten press a disk cross until 25 N • m.
  12. To install the transmission.

 Hint: if you establish a new clutch plate, then surely remove with solvent wax protection against a rust on the surface of friction. Otherwise you are expected by premature wear of coupling.

Removal of the release bearing


  1. To remove the transmission.
  2. To remove the release bearing.
  3. If you install the old bearing again, consider that it can only be rubbed off and it is impossible to wash.
  4. The directing plug on which the bearing moves in one and in other direction is made of a platmassa and it cannot be greased.
  5. For installation it is necessary just to push the bearing in the plug.